Formed in 1988, YCDC is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) community based organization whose mission is to focus on the general housing and economic development concerns of the Yorktown community. Its experience includes the development of Yorktown Arms Apartments Phase I a 56 unit elderly, low income tax credit project in 1997; the provision of a coordinated social service program designed to foster independent living for residents of the complex; re-greening and recreation efforts including the planned restoration of 6 park/play areas and the removal of 75 of the 671 overgrown, dead or dangerous trees in the neighborhood; the “Model Block” facade treatment project which included the replacement of porches, steps and driveways, brick pointing, painting, and replacement of windows and doors for owner occupied income eligible households; and the Yorktown Home Maintenance and Repair Service program, providing home maintenance/repair and entrepreneur training for Yorktown residents 18-25 years of age. The foregoing were objectives of the Yorktown Stabilization/Conservation Plan, the neighborhood’s preservation strategy. YCDC received 2004 PHFA LIHTC allocation, Affordable Housing Program and RDA funding, for the development of Yorktown Arms Phase II, a 37 unit addition to Yorktown Arms, which would complete the project. Construction was completed and the project was fully leased up in December, 2006. YCDC was developer, and now its sole Managing General Partner. The organization was one of 10 selected by the City of Philadelphia Neighborhood Transformation Initiative, to administer the Targeted Basic System Repair Program. This program provided 50% matching grants to homeowners to implement repairs and improvements in their properties. YCDC successfully managed this program in the Yorktown neighborhood serving 28 households and leveraging close to $300,000.00 in funds. YCDC administered the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation's Targeted Housing Preservation Program in Yorktown as well, serving a limited number of households.